Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tman's 3rd birthday party

We had a blast celebrating Tman's 3rd birthday. Since we were leaving the next day to go on our trip, we wanted a low key celebration all about Tman that would not require us to cook or clean. So when we went to chuck e cheese for a party a few months ago and Tman said he wanted to have his party there, I was sold.

We kept it low key and only had close family there to celebrate with us. This was still about 30 people, gotta love big African families. I did love the fact that all I had to do was getting a cake and show up 30 minutes early. That was pretty sweet. I even had enough time to get my hair done, I might be doing chuck e cheese parties for the rest of my life.

The first thing I always do is take a family picture that way the kids are clean and somewhat happy. Who knows what they will look like a few hours into the party. Our family on Tman's birthday, love my little family.
The family before we started the festivities (grandma, brother and wife, mom, cousin, the kids, and hubby)
My brothers, me, and my cousins with Jbird of course
Tman hung out with his father the whole time
While Jbird hung out with my grandma
There goes my birthday boy
 A picture of the parents just because
My brothers were there to celebrate with us

We let Tman play for a little bit and he had a ball
Then it was time to eat
The kids at their table eating their pizza
 hahahahaha, check out my Jbird chowing down on some food with his front teeth
After we ate lunch, it was time for chuck e to come celebrate the birthday boy. Tman was a little bit scared, I guess I would be too
 My hubby had to go hang out with him to calm him down. My little rockstar
 My birthday boy all smiles
The birthday cake was so yummy

After a while Tman was not scared of chuck e anymore and really wanted to get a hug 
The birthday boy going inside the ticket blaster to get a lot more tickets. He was a bit scared so of course his daddy had to go with him
 Jbird got to wear the birthday hat too with my brother
 My sister was there too with my niece
And after being behind the camera all day, I did manage to get a pic with my mommy
The birthday party was a great success. I am so glad that we did not make a production out of it and kept it low key. It was so much easier to entertain a smaller group while making sure that my Tman was having a great time.

Great job chuck e cheese, my son had an awesome birthday celebration.


  1. happy birthday to your little guy! I had to laugh at only close family and friends, you know, 30 people! love the first family photo, good call taking the pic before all the action!

  2. Pegster you look beautiful! You are literally GLOWING. Happy 3 years Tman. Chuck-e-cheese looks like so much fun.

    Enjoy your trip(s)!

  3. You look amazing! I just love how happy you always look to be with your family!

    Chuck e cheese is scary! I think every little child is a bit afraid of him.

    Glad T-Man had a great party!

  4. What an awesome celebration! You look great as usual. I love that you are always smiling! I know what you mean about Africans and "small" parties 😄

    1. Thanks J, I spent so much money on my teeth, I have to show them off ;)

  5. What a great time you guys had...and i love that Tman got to choose his own location...priceless! I love how you and your family are so close...makes me miss that mine are not closer!

    1. I was definitely happy when he picked an easy location

  6. Wonderful pics! Looks like everyone had a great time :) The best part? You didn't have to clean up afterwards LOL!

    1. Thanks Mrs. Glam, not having to clean was the best.

  7. Love that kind of low-stress party! It looks like you all had a great time, especially Tman!!