Sunday, May 26, 2013

Travel - Paris with the boys

After a glorious week in London, we went to Paris where we spent 6 days hanging out with family and friends as well as celebrating my cousin's wedding. It was such a good time.

On the train to Paris. Tman loved the train ride, he kept saying that Thomas was driving the train. Funny guy my Tman

We arrived in Paris where our trip hit rock bottom. We reserved a minivan for the trip and upon arriving at the rental car counter, they didn't have a car for us. WHAT?!? I was furious. We had to drag our luggage in a storage area at the train station and take a cab with the kids. Luckily they found us a car but it wasn't until 11pm and it wasn't a minivan. We didn't get to the hotel until past midnight. That's French customer service for you.

While we were waiting for the car, my camera broke, what a horror. Jbird got a hold of it and threw it on the floor. I was upset I tell you, I was about to go buy a new camera but luckily my aunt let me borrow her camera for the rest of the trip. Phew.

The kids ready for bed finally. They are all smiling but they were super cranky before this. I definitely went all out on the matching. All their clothes were matching outfits. The only time they didn't match is when someone got dirty and had to change. I know, I am so that mom
Despite a horrible start, things started to look up once we had the car and were settled in the hotel. We attempted to go to the chateau de versailles the next day but the crowd just discouraged me. We got there, saw the lines and just left. Maybe next time. I just didn't feel like wrestling the kids to see somebody's house even if it's a castle :). I guess we have to come back to Paris.

My brother flew in the day after we arrived in Paris. Him and my cousin who lives in Germany met with us and we were ready to start the festivities. We hung out with the bride to be at her house later that day mingling with all the cousins.

The next day we took on the sights. I was set on going to the Eiffel tower and since we didn't want to set foot in another European metro with no elevator, we drove. It actually wasn't too bad. We made it to the Eiffel tower where we took loads of pic
and one of my favorite is the kissing pic at the Eiffel tower with our kids
The day of the wedding was here. In the morning we went to the hairdresser to get our hair done. My cousin's hairstyle was superb

Love this picture of my boys with my cousins and brother ready to take on the day
They had the courthouse wedding followed by the church wedding. My cousin wore two different outfits. I so loved that idea.

My mom pretty much chilled with Jbird all day while my hubby was attached to Tman. That allowed me to be free to perform my bridesmaid duties
I love how happy the bride was in this picture. This girl was grinning from ear to ear all day
I was her maid of honor and I love that they make you sign the marriage license in Europe. Such an honor
We took a few pictures after the ceremony before heading to the cocktail hour

After the courthouse, she hosted a cocktail hour at her place. Don't ask, it's a French thing
What a beautiful family on their special day
After the cocktail, we went to the church where she had a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony

The cocktail hour was superb, I clearly needed a drink or two or three :). Just kidding, those were for my mom and hubby, champagne all around

We danced the night away like it was 1990. Her DJ played the best Cameroonian songs of the 90s, we literally sang the night away, it was awesome.
It was such a beautiful day and an amazing wedding. I am so glad that we were able to make it to Paris to celebrate with my cousin. We were so tired the next day but it was all worth it.

The day after the wedding was spent visiting family all over Paris. We have loads of cousins there. We didn't get to see everyone but we definitely tried to see as many as we could. We didn't get back to the hotel until almost 2 am. We were all so tired.

With our uncle and cousins
 With my father and brother
 My boys with my father
 With more family members
Our trip to Paris was a great success. Lots of fun with family and friends. Though I don't want to deal with little kids in Paris anytime soon, I sure want to go visit my cousins again. The kids first trip to Paris and London was a great success.


  1. Wow wow wow you never cease to amaze me.

    When you said that your camera broke my heart sunk because I know you are picture happy like me :) I felt relieved when you said you were able to borrow your aunts.

    Although it didn't start of the best it def ended well. You have so much family in Paris! So awesome that the boys were able to meet so many.

    Looks like such a wonderful wedding. The bride looked beautiful. And so did you!

    P.S. you are the best at having your boys match :)

  2. Oh yeah one more thing, when I got married the BM and my MOH had to sign our marriage license. So I'm thinking we do it in America too.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments Faith, you are the best.

      I would have loved for my MOH and BM to sign our marriage license, it's an awesome heirloom

  3. Awww, sorry about your camera. Sounds like you guys bounced nicely back after the rough start. You all looked so stunning at the wedding. You have a beautiful family! Our maid of honour and best man also signed our MC, its def a South African thing as well :).
    Love the Eiffel tower kiss...sooooooooooo super sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Mrs JK, I am huge on photo ops :)

  4. Totally love the matching outfits on your boys! I also like the idea of the best man and maid of honor signing the marriage license. Truly is an honor! I totally understand how awful you must have felt when your camera broke. Thank God for your Aunt! Memories preserved :)

    1. Memories preserved indeed and money saved for sure because you know I would have spent the money for a new camera :).

  5. Now you know I was waiting patiently for pictures of the bride right?! And it was worth the wait! She looked stunning and those flowers!! Love! Sorry they didn't have the car ready for you. I would have been just as livid! I love a good matchy matchy pair of brothers (we are the same way!) you all look so great and the pics from the Eiffel Tower are just amazing.

  6. What an amazing all the family pictures....and the boys looked like they had a blast meeting everyone!!

  7. I love weddings! I enjoyed all these wedding photos - so much happiness and joy :) that's really crappy about the minivan (how frustrating) and your poor camera, but glad that the problems were 9somewhat) quickly resolved!

  8. Oh how fun! Glad you didn't let the car debacle mess up your trip. I can understand how frustrating that would have been.
    You looked fabulous! Amazing how much you and your cousin look alike! You could pass for sisters!!!

  9. Oh this all looks so fabulous! You give me inspiration that I can travel WITH kids. What a cool wedding!!

  10. You look wonderful in that dress, you mum is so beautiful in her deep purple dress too.

    You are naughty with those many champagne {and blaming mummy and hubby}, two would be enough :)

    Everything looks amazingly fun