Thursday, May 23, 2013

Celebrating a graduation and meeting Prince William

Before we moved to America, my mom was working in the banking industry in Cameroon and doing really well for herself considering that she was a single mom of 3 young children. Then the move to America happened and banking here was not paying the bills in the way that my mom hoped.

She did odd jobs here and there for a few years and she still did not feel fulfilled or satisfied with what she was earning.  A friend of her guided her towards the nursing field almost 14 years ago and she never looked back. She started out as a certified nursing assistant with minimal training and decided to go back to school to further her education and qualification in the nursing field.

Well today she graduated with a bachelor of science in nursing. What an achievement. I am so proud of my mom for persevering and showing us that you always have to chase your dreams even if it means starting over. My mom is my role model and my inspiration.

My mom all geared up and ready for graduation
 My mom and brother's girlfriend
 Me and my momma, I am so proud of her
The boys were asleep when we left so we didn't take any picture with them before we left. We planned to take pictures when we came back but they were again asleep. I guess my mom will have to put her cap and gown back on for a photoshoot with her grandchildren.

Our crew during the graduation. My grandma hung out with Jbird, while hubby hung out with Tman

 I was mainly taking pictures during the ceremony and was able to catch this awesome shot of my mom walking off the stage
 And this awesome one of her getting her professional picture. She did good for sure
While we waited for the ceremony to be over, my brother hung out with the boys

It was actually rainy and wet so we only took a few pictures outside before we left. We figured we would take some more pictures once we got home but the boys and my grandma were sleeping when we got home so we didn't want to bother them. I might dress them up this weekend and do a little photoshoot

It was such a good day celebrating my mom's achievement. I am so proud of my BSN.

My brother H was not with us because we didn't know the graduation date when we booked so he decided to go spend a week in England after the trip to Paris. I was a little upset that he wouldn't be with us to celebrate but then he sent me this picture today and I thought, well I guess meeting Prince William is way more important :).

My brother chilling with Prince William in London, EPIC
I mean a mere week ago we were hanging out in Paris with my dad and now he is mingling with royalty oh and wearing the same shirt :). Way to go bro


  1. This is so incredibly wonderful for your mom!! So, so happy for you! And while meeting royalty may not be more important that being there for your mom, getting a pic with prince William is definitely epic. How did he manage that? Too cool. :)

  2. This is SO amazing, all of it! Congrats to your Mama! Give her a hug for ME! Um prince william?! omg!! amazing!

  3. Congratulations to your mom. I'm so inspired! You must be so so proud.

  4. Congrats to your mom! What an awesome accomplishment :) Much continued success to her. And, this time (just this once) we'll give your brother a pass on missing Mama's graduation :)

  5. Oh how awesome! Congratulations to your mom. That is indeed a GREAT achievement. My mom went back to school after having all 6 of us. It is because of her I know that perseverance can pay off. Kudos to your mom!

  6. Your mom is truly a living testament to the fact that it is never t0o late to get your degree! Amazing. Go mom!

  7. Wow! Go mom! Congratulations!

  8. Congrats to your mom and how awesome that your bro met Prince William...he totally looks down to earth!!

  9. Wow to your brother's encounter with the Prince. Awesome way to spend a time away from your family :)