Friday, August 3, 2012

Our baby has a name

Well he's had a name for a while now but I ordered his first item with his name on it. It made it completely real when I got it in the mail yesterday.

With our first boy, we had his name picked out before we were even married. We named our T-man after both our grandfathers.

With this boy, we wanted to keep with the family name but also incorporate a name from the bible. We chose Joshua as his first name because it means God is salvation, God is generous. Clearly God salvaged our broken hearts when he so generously blessed us with this sweet little boy. His middle name is my uncle's name. We are so in love with this boy already and are totally loving his name too. I will probably just refer to him as J-bird for the purpose of the blog.

I also wanted to share some of my favorite maternity pics. I am really pleased with them and I look forward to taking pics of our family of four in October when bebe deux is here.

I just love how happy we all look in this pic especially my little T-man
 Well hello there handsome boy
 I so heart my bump and the little boy growing in there
 My new favorite family pic, framed already in our house
 We did one of these when we were pregnant with T-man, definitely collage material

J-bird is one loved little boy. We can't (well really we can :)) wait to meet our newest addition.


  1. I just love these! So perfect! You have such a beautiful family!!

    Pregnancy becomes you :)

  2. Great pictures! I can't wait to see Joshua when he arrives!

  3. I love his name. The pictures are so nice. Can't wait to see him, any day now.

  4. Love that name. We were going to go with it if we had a boy.
    You have a truly beautiful family.

  5. Any day now ladies, we can't wait either

  6. I love that name...that may be my friend's baby name too! Beautiful pictures!