Wednesday, November 2, 2016

This is where I get my mommy and me items

A few people asked me where I get my mommy and me finds so I decided to blog about it for anyone that might be interested. I have used these sites and loved their products. I only buy sale items because I like getting a deal :). I watch the sites for a while to see what their sale trends are and I also look for coupon codes and follow them on social media. I have been lucky to find some really great pieces at a very affordable price and I showed you a few of them here.

My absolute favorite discount site is zulily. They have all sorts of awesome deals all the time. You have to sign up for the site and you will get daily updates. They always have some sort of matching stuff, like starting today, they have matching pajamas for the whole family. Their prices are also very reasonable most of the time. Before I buy anything, I google first to make sure I can't get it cheaper somewhere else :).

I got my mother daughter matching shoes from Je Taime for Girls. They specialize in mommy and me shoes at a very reasonable price (anywhere between $10 and $15 on sale). Follow them on Instagram they always have some sort of sale and you can score some good deals for you and your mini. I got these cute shoes in both colors for me and my baby girl ;).

I bought most of my matching bows at Once Upon a Time Tutus on Etsy. While most Etsy shops are really expensive when it comes to bows, the store owner has very reasonably priced headbands; my favorite is the shabby flower headband that retails for $1.99 at regular price and $1.50 or even $1.00 when on sale. What I love is the fact that she has different size headbands so you can buy one that fits you and one that fits your mini-me. Here are some cute ones: redbluegreynautical bluepink. Just search all items and look from the lowest price. Shipping is super fast but a bit costly but since the headbands are so cheap, the overall price is still very reasonable.

I also found some very reasonably priced headbands on Amazon, I mean look at this set of 12 flower headband priced at $12.99 and if you have prime it ships for free and is at your door in 2 days. Amazon is my go to for everything. I found some awesome mommy and me pieces on there like this awesome matching Turban.

There you have it, a list of my favorite places to buy mommy and me items. I have to feed my matching addiction but at least I can do it for a reasonable price :).

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  1. Nice! Off to check out the sites. I LOVE Zulily as well :-).