Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Birthday celebrations - partying with Catboy

Two weeks ago we partied with J and celebrated her daughter's 4th birthday. I met J through blogging when she was pregnant with her first daughter JOE and I was pregnant with my second son Jbird. We instantly hit it off and have followed each other's blog over the past 4 years. When we finally met in real life it was even better than the online relationship. That's one thing I have loved about blogging, meeting awesome people that actually became friends in real life.

When J told me what the party was based on PJ Masks, which is a show my boys love, I decided to get them the capes an masks to go with the theme. My boys were ecstatic. Almost 3 weeks later and we are still wearing those capes around the house.

The party was held at a jump place, my boys favorite thing to do. I just knew they would have the best time. We hung out with J and her family a few weeks before when we celebrated the baby's baptism and I was amazed that Tman remembered JOE so well and was excited to celebrate her birthday.

Our family of six at the entrance of the building, we roll deep :)
I made this video of the boys doing their superhero thing :). My kids are hilarious and seeing them in action might explain why we nicknamed them "tornado" :)
As soon as we got there, the big boys went straight for the trampoline and started jumping around like lunatics

J's husband and daughters

Bean and the baby were just chilling at first and didn't really partake in the jumping
I tried to get Bean to jump with his brothers, he was fine as long as I held him but otherwise he just wanted to chill

Such a blurry pictures but I love that you can see all 3 boys
My big boy is such a riot
J got in on the action with the kids too

J and her family on the trampoline
Selfie time with the birthday girl and my Tman
The kids in action
Check out my jumper Jbird over here
The grown ups had fun too

Hubby was just watching from the sidelines. Oh hello there pretty girl, Emilia chilling with her daddy
A momma and her baby girl
At some point my boys decided that they wanted their cape so they could be dressed like the birthday girl

They just had the absolute best time jumping around

After we were done jumping, it was time for pizza. My boys love pizza and associate birthday parties with getting pizza and cake.
The cake was so yummy
Lunch is served
Once we were done eating, we took a few pictures with the decor. Hi birthday girl
I just love this picture of the kids giggling away
My boys and their capes :)
My big boys were so not interested in getting a family picture but at least we got one with the babies
Before we left, I made sure to take a picture of the girls of course (I mean, that is just blogging 101) :). Tman really wanted to be part of the group so we let him. Bloggy friends, turned real life friends
We had so much fun celebrating JOE's 4th birthday. The boys really loved the theme of the birthday and they thoroughly enjoyed the cookies. We are at an age where the kids love birthday parties and hanging out with their friends. Thanks for having us J, we had a ball.

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  1. Aww...Thanks so much for coming! You got some pretty awesome pictures. I'll share them with Jordan tomorrow. I'm very thankful that blogging brought us together.