Monday, September 26, 2016

We are back from Canada and we are matching :)

We are back from an awesome week long trip to Canada. We went to visit family and friends in Ottawa and Toronto and I have a zillion pictures to get through before I can tell you all about it.

I digress. My absolute favorite thing to do is put my kids in matching outfit. It was super easy when we had 3 boys and now with a girl thrown in the mix, things have become very interesting. I love a good challenge and this is no different. I have devised a plan to get a few matching pieces for them, they might not match all the time but they will sure coordinate often :). Since I am on maternity leave, I am always shopping online in the middle of the night between feedings. I have found some amazing websites with unusual pieces and I am so excited to put the kids in my awesome finds.

I found these awesome shirts a few months ago and I was giggling so much as I ordered them because they are so fitting of my kids. Tman's shirt says "I'm the oldest I make the rules", Jbird and Bean's shirts say "I'm in the middle, I am the reason we have rules" and Emilia shirt says "I am the youngest, rules don't apply to me." Is this the cutest idea or what?

I present to you, my kids in their first somewhat matching outfit
Emilia had to have a bow of course, gotta keep her as girly as we can
Tman was so proud to hold his sister. He said "mom put her on this side, I'll protect her from those crazy boys, lol"
I had to have all of them together of course
I tried to get them to show their shirts but it was completely pointless
Oh hey, you can see something here
Come on smile you guys, I can almost read your shirts :)
Good job Jbird, someone is listening to his mother
And then craziness ensued
My kids are a riot, baby girl is the quiet one right now but I know it won't be for long. I wonder what her personality is going to be like as she grows; either way I know she will fit right in with this awesome crew. Are you loving these shirts like I did? I am having way too much fun with these kids of mine. So happy to be their mother, it's non stop fun and craziness around here.


  1. Hehe, the shirts are so cute! Love Emilia in her bow :)

  2. Awww...too too cute!!! I love love the shirts! Emilia is just such a cutie. She already has the protective hands of her brother around her. No one will be messing with her once she starts school.

  3. Those shirts are too adorable. Maybe you could tell us how to and where you get these bargins.