Friday, September 30, 2016

Birthday fun and more visitors

Two weekends ago, before we went on our road trip, we attended a birthday party for some friends. It was Emilia's first outing for a party. I know she didn't really know any better but the boys had a ball. Taking pictures at family events is proving to be so much more difficult with 4 I tell you. It's probably because Emilia is still a baby and I am always holding her. I am sure it will get better as she gets older.

I did manage to get a family picture, woop woop. These days I am just happy when we all get in the frame. Are you loving Emilia's blue tutu to coordinate with our blue :). I love this family of mine
Mrs. T took Emilia as soon as we got there and I was loving their matching pink :)
My friend A was there with her kiddos. Her son who is 3 years old was so fascinated with the baby. He asked if he could hold her
Look at him doing an amazing job with her, check out my baby stretching like a big girl
Ben was so proud of himself when he got to hold the baby
This is the chaos that was going on around him :)
Look at all those kids playing somewhat peacefully
A and I decided to take a picture with our daughters and of course Tman photobombed us. It's ok because he is the most adorable photobomber :)
Chilling with our daughters and my Tman. All that blue just made this pic
Later that night, we had a few family friend over to see Emilia. This girl is more popular than a movie star :)
Chilling with my baby girl and our friend D. I forgot to put her bow on
Luckily my mom reminded me before we took these pictures. Chilling with our friends
Check out these two gorgeous baby girls with their bows, are you loving the matching yellow
My mom is one proud grandma I tell you, chilling here with her friend P
We were really busy the weekend before we took off for Canada. I am not ready to be back to being super busy like we were before the baby came. We still need time to adjust to this family of 6 business. I do however love that we are slowly getting out and about with all 4 kids. It's crazy tiring and sometimes it seems impossible but I am glad we make the effort. I know it will get easier with time. Our half a dozen is on the move and we wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. I love how Emilia is looking at her dad do adoringly.

  2. I love how Emilia is looking at her dad do adoringly.

  3. You're doing excellent. I'm sure it will def. get easier over time when you're all used to being a family of 6!