Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weekend fun - Father's Day and a visit

Last weekend was such an awesome low key weekend. My friend Melissa came to visit us and we had a ball hanging out with the kids. She lives in Texas now so we don't get to see her often anymore so it's such a treat when she is in town.

We started the weekend by attending a dance recital for my niece Saturday morning. She is an 8-year old avid dancer. She had 4 events and was so graceful in all of them. This is the first time that I attend her event and I must say I loved watching all the young girls busting out their awesome moves.

I took Tman and Jbird with me. Tman was really into it and was excited to watch his cousin while Jbird was just not phased by it all. He just wanted to run around everywhere. They hosted the event at a local high school and it was great to have the space to run around behind the scenes.

Us with our tiny dancer in one of her cool outfit, Jbird didn't want to look at the camera, look at him smiling away over there
That's  her crew on stage, she is the third one from the left
Tman and his cousin in another outfit
Check her out on stage, she is front right
I am so going to be a dance mom or a dance aunt ;) one day. It was so sweet to see these girls twirl around. In between her dancing events, I would take the boys in the back behind the scenes and let them roam around or play on the Ipad.

This picture is blurry but it pretty much sums up my big boys right now
Playing together all the time
Selfie time, Tman is so my mini me, Jbird was not even phased by us
Me and my Jbird, this boy loves him some mommy time
The dance recital was pretty cool, I'll definitely make an effort to go often. After the dance recital, we went to pick up aunt Melissa. Tman was so happy to see his godmother.
After lunch we came home and chilled for bit before heading out to JC Penney to pick up some shirts and ties for hubby. We are so low key when it comes to celebrating events and picking gifts, no surprises here :).

After all the shopping, we came home and chilled with aunt Melissa. She got to spend some time with all the boys individually

With Bean and his amazing smile, this kid is so adorable I tell you
With Tman who copies everything, this kid is so much fun I tell you
With Jbird who wants someone to take care of him, this kid is so cool I tell you
And a bonus pic of aunt Melissa hanging out with Tman the next day and in a very deep conversation
On Father's Day, we spent the day at home chilling. You know my hubby's number one request is always no posed pictures on his chilled out day. I am so happy it's not Father's Day every day. Hubby took a 5-hour uninterrupted nap and apparently it was glorious. That guy I tell you.

We went to hubby's parents in the afternoon to drop off a card for his dad before going out for some ice cream with the boys. We really wanted to go to a local carnival but can you believe that they closed early. We were so bummed, Tman was so excited about getting some cotton candy. Luckily he settled for cotton candy ice cream.

This picture is from Monday but I just love how calm everybody was. Hubby plays soccer on Mondays and it's usually just me and the kids and it's usually chaotic but this Monday was really peaceful. I put the Lego movie on after dinner and my kids were mesmerized, in the words of Emmet, everything is awesome :).
What a fun low key weekend. It was so nice to see aunt Melissa. I wished she lived closer and we could see her more often but alas, we have to wait another 6 months until Christmas to spend some time with her. It was so much fun to get some much needed down time. Hope you had a great time celebrating Father's Day too.

We are enjoying this calm before the storm because our July is booked solid with trips and activities. We are traveling with the kids to Houston to celebrate 4th of July with hubby's cousins then as soon as we get back it's wedding time for my friend HJ. As soon as we close that chapter, I am off to New Orleans for a conference for a week and as soon as I come back from NOLA, hubby and I are jetting off to Riviera Maya to celebrate our anniversary. Is that a mouthful or what? yeah, we are going to be very busy soon.


  1. Enjoy the quiet time now since you have a hectic and fun month ahead to look forward too.

  2. All the pictures look like so much fun! I love all the smiling faces. Keep it up!
    Girl, your July sounds like a lot of fun! We have one wedding and other activities but they are mostly local.
    Looking forward to seeing pictures from your festivities.

  3. You and your kiddos are gorgeous! ^^ I agree the smiling faces make me so happy. :)