Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bridal shower and bachelorette for HJ

My friend HJ is getting married in about 2 weeks and she asked me to be a bridesmaid. Such an honor. Since 3 of the bridesmaids are married with 3 kids each, and 2 of them live out of state, we decided to turn the event into a weekend celebration with just the girls. HJ loved every minute of it.

We started the weekend with a brunch style bridal shower on Saturday morning. We invited a few of HJ's close girlfriend and treated everyone to a nice brunch at a local restaurant. It was so awesome. HJ's colors are blue so that was the theme of the event.

The bridesmaids before everyone got there.
We created this photobook idea and asked that everyone bring a picture of themselves with HJ to fill the book
This scrapbook idea is going to be awesome
Check out the cupcake dress, my friend L made
I totally got the memo on the color and decoration. As you can see even my earring are coordinated with the shells from the menu :)
Our guest of honor arrived and she was so impressed with everything
She absolutely loved the cake, don't you love that she got the memo on the blue theme ;)
We enjoyed a delicious breakfast
HJ with her bridesmaids :)
And before everyone departed, we took a group shot of HJ with all the ladies
The bridal shower was a total success. After brunch, we drove to the city where we had reservations at a local hotel. HJ was so surprised. We only told her to be free for the weekend but didn't tell her what was going to happen.
We checked in the hotel and spent hours chit chatting and catching up on life. We had reservation at a restaurant walking distance from the hotel. When we got there, I asked this sweet lady to take a picture of us and she was really into it, asked us to get set up like on a magazine photoshoot. She was so sweet and I love this awesome shot with my ladies.
Dinner was so awesome, it was Mediterranean tapas style and so delicious
D and I were totally matching and it was not even planned. Great mind do think alike ;). Remember when we went to D's wedding in Cali while I was pregnant with Jbird? Yeah, that was 3 years ago, crazy right.
After dinner we went to a local bar and had a few drinks and just chilled. The plan was to go clubbing or something of that nature but HJ just wanted to spend time us. So we went back to the hotel and talked until 4 in the morning. It was so much better than a night club outing and oh so fun. We need more girl weekends in our lives.

The next day we drove to L's house and opened all the presents. HJ got that awesome book on the left and I had to get it in a pic ;). We opened some champagne and toasted our bachelorette before heading home.

I am so psyched for HJ's wedding coming up in less than 3 weekends. She is going to make a beautiful bride. Wedding season is in full effect, we are 3 weddings down already this year. It was such an awesome celebration of HJ's upcoming nuptial. She was a bridesmaid in all of our weddings so it was only fitting that we celebrated her in style.


  1. You guys look amazing and so relaxed. Girls fun times

  2. This looks like so much fun! Have a blast at the wedding!!