Friday, December 19, 2014

Weekend fun - Christmas lights and a movie

Last weekend was another great weekend in our household. We chilled on Friday but were busy on Saturday and Sunday. We took the boys to see their first movie at a theater on Saturday. Introducing a 4-year old and a 2-year old to the magic of the big screen was truly an awesome experience. On Sunday we went to see Christmas lights and hung out with some friends. It was truly a great weekend filled with fun activities and lot of excitement for the boys.

Our crew getting some popcorn before the movie, we left Bean at home with hubby's parents. Don't be fooled by the boys faces they had a ball :).
Tman and Jbird were mesmerized by the big screen. They each had their popcorn and watched the movie with such concentration
We watched the Penguins of Madagascar
Me and my happy Jbird at the end of the movie, this boy did so well, i am so proud of my 2-year old
Hubby and Tman who didn't want the movie to end
We are going to have to do this movie thing again because the boys loved it so much. Maybe we'll make this a monthly occurrence and use it as a reward for the big boys.

On Sunday, I dressed the boys up to go see Santa. We took that opportunity to have a mini photoshoot (as you do) before we left. We wanted a few family pictures for hubby's parents. The boys were so funny, we did end up with a few decent pictures.

Our little family with hubby's parents
The grandparents with the grandkids. i am so loving Tman's smile in this picture
Bean and his grandfather, this boy is so peaceful and handsome. Too much cuteness
Tman and grandma, I love their matching smiles
After the photoshoot we packed the boys and went to the mall to see Santa. The line was out the door and around the corner so we decided to go shopping instead. Hubby's mom came with me and we totally made the most of our time at the mall. The best part is that the big boys fell asleep for most of the shopping so this was a nap time shopping time kind of outing. Don't mind if we do
Later on that day we took the boys out to see some Christmas lights. We like to pack things in like that. It was such a perfect night for this outing, the weather was not too cold for a December evening. We met with our friends and turned this into our monthly hang out.

Me and my Bean surrounded by Christmas lights
Hubby and Tman, I love this picture of them
Hubby chasing the big boys everywhere
We managed to get a family pictures surrounded by lights
The girls with Bean
And of course a group picture with everyone
After the lights we all went to Starbucks where we hung out for a bit, warmed up and got caught up on life. I just love this picture of hubby and Tman drinking their hot cocoa like best buds. When did my baby get so big? Like father like son
What a great weekend; despite being busy we made the most out of the time that we had. I made it a point to take the boys to see Santa during the week so that we could beat the crowds, genius I know. I am looking forward to our hang out this coming weekend and putting the finishing touches on Christmas preparations. We are leaving the boys with hubby's parents and enjoying a much needed date with lunch and a movie on Saturday. I am so excited because I know it will be grand :). I hope you all had a great weekend too and are ready for Christmas.

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