Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas and pictures around our house

I have been meaning to share what I did with the pictures around the house after we received the canvases from our photoshoot  a few months back. I guess Christmas is a great time to share since the house is so festive. Red is hubby's favorite color (hello Arsenal) and I have grown to love it so much over the years. Because of that we always have sprinkles of red around the house. When Christmas comes, I go all out on the red :). Enjoy the tour.

Come on in, wreaths with red bows and a red bench seat cushion welcome you when you enter our house.
The view from the other side
These are some of my favorite pictures of the boys. They were taken around the same age (around 5 months). I just love looking at them when I come down the stairs. I took the pictures of Bean and Jbird while the picture of Tman was taken by a professional. from left to right: Bean, Tman and Jbird. I just love that Bean is all over our walls now just like his brothers :).
I copied this next idea from Pinterest and I like the way it turned out. I display our past Christmas cards and our pajama pictures on the bathroom door downstairs. I really love how festive this looks.
Our family room is full of family pictures and I love it. Our wedding picture (red bouquet, what up) is the main centerpiece surrounded by family pics galore
A close up of the family wall. I love the way  it turned out.
The TV wall has a few of my favorite family pictures, I know, everything is a favorite for me ;)
Our dining room is also festive. I love the pop of red here
A pic with the boys eating their dinner :), we do live in this space
A view of the family room from the dining room. I have the big boys yearly photo, can't wait to add Bean to that group. I also have our fun picture on the wall and every time I am in this room I can't help but giggle.
There's a bit of Christmas in the kitchen too, I got some red Santa towels and a mistletoe :). My hubby thinks it's so cheesy but I don't care because I am a cheeseball like that.
At the top of the stairs we have a small alcove where I have one of our wedding pictures. I also display cards here particularly the ones that don't have any pictures. I also have the latest bouquet of roses that hubby got me.
Our guest room is also festive, red is so our thing you guys. I moved our last family pictures that did not include Bean in this room. I love them too much to get rid of them.
The family room is my favorite room of the house, we spent most of our time here so it is so fitting. I took a picture while everyone was awake watching soccer this past weekend
A little close up of our fireplace. I love seeing 5 stockings on the mantel, family of 5 what up
I just love this time a year, this is my favorite holiday. After a long day running around, I like to enjoy a little me time at night when everyone is asleep and it's just me watching my favorite show in the dark, checking blogs and sipping on some hot chocolate with my feet up. Total bliss right here.
I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did. I love to decorate our house with family pics and I love to decorate for Christmas. This is my favorite time of the year for a reason, joy and happiness is just everywhere. What is your favorite holiday? Do you love this time of the year as much as I do?


  1. I love all the red! You did a fantastic job celebrating for Christmas! I love all the family pictures too :)

  2. There is no doubt who lives in your house. I love loads of pictures to tell a story. You did great job in the decor!

  3. I agree with Tomes...your home feels so homey and welcoming...the xmas touches are beautiful too!!

  4. It looks so beautiful! I love the family photos!

  5. You've decorated your home so lovely for the holidays and I love all the touches of red. I also think it's wonderful that your home is filled with so many pictures of your family. It brings love and warmth to every room. I hope you're enjoying your week so far... :)