Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy 1st birthday to my niece

My niece turned 1 last weekend, can you even believe it. I know, seriously time where are you going? We celebrated with family and friends and had such an awesome time. We hosted her birthday party at our place as we did with the boys' 1st birthday parties. We are big on traditions around here.

The biggest attraction of the party was the bounce house. You know how much my boys love to jump around. As soon as it was installed, all  they wanted to do was run in there and jump for joy even though we were still in our pajamas.I let them have some fun before getting ready.

My mom hanging out with Bean while Tman and Jbird were in the bounce house
I joined my boys in there for some fun time
Then I brought Bean in so that he could have fun with his brothers too
I just love these pictures that show my boys in total enjoyment mode

I of course tried to get a picture with my boys and ended up with this gem
After jumping around for a while, we went back inside to get the house and the boys ready for the party.

Check out Bean and hubby taking a nice nap in the background, I guess all that jumping around wore them out
My niece's cake was so beautiful and delicious
My mom and brother with my niece who wore a tutu for her celebration
Hubby with my brothers
My niece and her parents, such an adorable family
We went back outside to play in the bounce house once the boys were ready. Hubby and my brother hanging out with Bean while I was jumping around with the kids
My adorable niece testing the bounce house
I got a picture with some of the kids, we were all grinning from ear to ear

My brother and his wife got to enjoy it too with my niece
Don't they look so good? love this family :)
Then it was time to cut the cake, my grandma was there too and check out my mom in her sexy outfit :)
What an awesome celebration of my niece's 1st year of life. We had a blast hanging out with our friends and family member. The next 1st birthday celebration will be Bean's in 5 months. Wowza. Happy 1st birthday to my niece.


  1. Happy Birthday to your niece! Oh that cake!!! Looks soo good and definitely fit for a princess! Gosh...a year already? It feels like you just announced her arrival. Time is FLYING!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your niece! It looks like it was a lot of fun. I can't believe she's one already!

  3. Oh wow, I completely missed this post. Your niece is such a cutie. Oh and I agree, your mom is rocking that dress... :)

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  5. Happy Belated Birthday to your niece.
    I love how you are in a lot of the pictures with your family. I know a lot of mums who never appear in the pictures.....

  6. Oh, that’s so sweet! Just take a look at the cake! It’s really very pretty. Truly, this birthday party was such a blast. Now I would also host my niece’s first birthday at the best party halls in Los Angeles. Thanks for the idea!