Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekend fun - a trip to the mall

We had such a great weekend filled with fun activities and some not so fun ones. Since I am all about documenting every event of my kids life, I take a million pictures so I have to break the story into two posts.

Before I tell you about the weekend, let me brag about my Tman for a bit. In May, Tman's school was doing a read-a-thon. Tman's class did so well that they won the contest, wooohooo. Well, unbeknownst to me, the local paper decided to feature his class and highlight the kids accomplishment. I can't even tell you how proud and excited I was when I saw my sweet boy's face with a book in his hand in the paper. Best of all, they took the picture the day he was wearing his Cameroonian jersey :)

Tman (bottom left first row) and his class. I am so proud of my baby. You know this will be framed and displayed in our house for years to come :)
Speaking of baby, look who is in the jumperoo now and loving it. All my boys love this contraption I tell you. Best investment in a toy
 Of course his big brothers flock to him the minute he is in there. I so love this
My favorite pic from the week of Bean with his grandma
 And with his granddad too. He is so lucky to have them here with him full time
I also love this picture of the boys because it shows their personalities so well; Jbird is in the smile big on demand phase and Tman is in the happy smile phase because he actually wants to pose for his mommy :). My big boys posing, love these boys of mine
On  Saturday we made the mistake of taking the boys to the mall. Hubby needed some belts and a few things and I needed some shoes and pants for work. It is so hard to shop for those online when your size is changing so we decided to brave the mall with the kids.

The plan was to do some shopping, let the boys run around for a bit, finish shopping then go home. You know what happens to best laid plans right, they never quite turn out the way you envision them. I carried Bean while hubby shopped, then we switched so that I could chase the boys.

Hubby trying on belts with the boys in tow
I find it so sexy when he carries the baby around in the bjorn, sorry ladies, he is taken ;)
Me and my big boys goofing around. Jbird was ready to get out of the stroller at this point
So of course we let them run around for a bit then we did the car rides which they love.
 Happy faces all around :)
Then it was back in the stroller so that we could finish shopping. The boys were not having it, all they wanted to do was get out. Oh boy. I so love this picture of all my boys before the screaming competition started :)
I had to let them out for a bit to calm them down because they were so loud. They were crazy I tell you. We knew it was time to go. Check out Jbird trying to get away here, my little wiggly worm
I am smiling here but it was chaotic. Hey there Bean,I know you can't wait to join our crazy crew
We ended the shopping trip with some ice cream. The boys definitely chilled once they got their ice cream, I am all about bribery :)
We were worn out after all that shopping and took a 2 hour family nap when we got home. It was glorious. When I tell you the boys love on Bean all the time I am not kidding. Check them out here with the Beanie man, so much love for their baby brother.
 My 3 sons, love these boys of mine
First trip to the mall with all 3 kids was a mild disaster but I think with time we'll get a handle of that business and if we don't, we'll just leave the kids at home with grandma next time :) (Some of us have options and we are not afraid to use them). Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. Lol... I love every one of those pics. That is awesome that Tman's class won the contest and was featured in the paper... great job, Tman!

  2. Haha, I can't even imagine!! I have had a couple of disastrous trips with just little Charlotte! I love how much your boys love being big brothers. So great!

  3. Awww...congratulations to Tman. Way to go!!! Definitely one to frame.

    Yikes on the mall adventures. Sounds like our vacation and trying to get JOE out of the pool. I have to blog our trip but I am still recovering from our non-vacation!

    Love the boys in their matching outfits as always. Super cool!!!

  4. Congrats to Tman! Your weekend looks hectic but well documented. Great memories.

  5. Congrats Tman...that's super exciting..hopefully the clipping is framed...so awesome! How do you get the kids to stay in the stroller?!? Lol my little man hasn't stayed in his stroller since he started walking....