Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekend fun - Hodge podge

We live for the weekend around here now that hubby and I are both back at work full time. The week just seems to fly by and as soon as the weekend gets here it's time to unwind and relax. Somehow I always seem to find things for us to do. I know, I am crazy. I do try not to schedule more than 2 events per weekend and I try not to bring all 3 kids if we can help it.

We were celebrating my friend K's sprinkle, she is having her 4th baby. That girl is a trooper I tell you. The coolest part is that after 3 amazing boys she is having a little girl. We totally had to celebrate of course. I am so happy to be surrounded by friends who want to have big families like we do, our kids are going to have loads of built in friends :).

I left hubby at home with the big boys and took Bean with me to the sprinkle. Divide and conquer is still our motto. When I left they were getting ready for a nap, check the boys out with their milk in front of the TV. Life is good for some.
Bean was the life of the party, everybody wanted to get their hands on him
He was so good the whole time and just chilled
This is such a funny pic, we were told to do something crazy and that's all we could come up with :)
And of course the group shot. We are so excited to welcome baby girl C in a few weeks
When we got home, hubby got to chill with Bean while I hung out with my big boys. Check out my little man napping with his dad, such a rolly polly. I am pretty sure he looks like he weighs more than hubby :).
Speaking of my little man, these are not from the weekend but I so love them. Hubby's parents took a lot of pictures of the boys during the week and I am so loving these.
Look at my Bean trying to sit up like a big boy
And of course Jbird is the funny kid around here. So adorable my middle child
Grandma with Bean, so much love
Now that the weather is nice, grilling season is in full effect. We pretty much grill every Sunday. We throw some chicken, steak, or ribs on there and make enough for lunch the next day. The boys usually come outside with us while we are grilling, they love to be outside my boys I tell you.

Hubby with Tman and Jbird
Hubby handling the grill like it's his business
The meat was so good, I love me some grilled meat
While we were chilling inside, the boys played with their dad while watching some cartoon.
I obviously had to take a pic with my boys who were clearly not interested. I love that Bean is part of the matching crew. I know, I am totally addicted to matching my boys
Another great weekend was had by all. The sprinkle for K was awesome and the day of rest on Sunday was even better. I think that's what I need to do, a day of fun followed by a day of rest that way I am not so tired and can take on the week like I own it. I hope that you had a great weekend too.


  1. You and those boys!!! So cute!!! We need to set up another playdate before the end of the summer!
    I love the matching tops!

  2. I just love visiting your blog to see what you guys are up to and I really enjoy hearing about your day. The kids look adorable as usual.

    That meat on the grill does look delicious. Hubby did a great job.

  3. Love the family goodness...seriously you make me realize how much family fun can be packed in a weekend!! Love when our kids are so not interested in our obsession with capturing all their cute and random moments!