Thursday, September 26, 2013

Celebrating hubby's birthday

We celebrated my hubby's birthday this past Sunday a whole 10 days early. He is turning 30 this year so we wanted to do something special, more than just our traditional cake.

Initially we planned to go to Vegas with the whole family and make a trip out of it. Then my sister in law got pregnant due on his birthday and we got pregnant too. We decided that a trip to Vegas was not going to be in the cards for us this year. My hubby still wanted to do a Casino style birthday, he has been under the impression that he will be lucky on his birthday and win lots of money. Our next best thing was to go to a nearby casino and enjoy a few hours of fun. He didn't win but we definitely had fun

18 weeks with baby boy #3, so exciting how much faster things seem to be going this time
 Oh look who made an appearance
We packed the whole family as we do and headed to the casino. My mom kept the boys while we played and we all met up afterwards for dinner. My hubby was so happy that we got to celebrate with everyone despite all the changes.

Our crew in the parking lot. It was also game so of course the boys had to be in their gear
 Our little family :)
My mom and grandma chilling with Jbird while Tman took a glorious 2-hour nap. We always time our outing this way. Gotta love a kid that naps everywhere
The grown ups after losing all of our money in the casino. Oh well, at least we had good time and enjoyed the game (we didn't win but maybe next week will be our week, I know I say that every week but really, it's happening)
Then we all met up for an early dinner to celebrate the birthday boy
 My hubby was so embarrassed by the birthday singing :)
 Tman insisted on blowing the candle with his dad
 Twin cousins, 39 weeks and 18 weeks
Vegas will happen, maybe next year, I mean hubby's mom is turning 60 so we have a great excuse to make that happen :). Birthday celebrations were a great success. Now we await the birth of our princess, can't wait to meet that sweet little girl. I am going to be an aunt you guys and it's a girl...eeeeek, you don't even know how excited I am right now. Matching bows have been purchased :). 


  1. are too cute talking about matching bows! That made me seriously laugh out loud!
    Happy birthday to your hubby. Glad he had a great time. I love the cousins together picture.
    You look great as usual!

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  3. I seriously laughed outloud about the matching bows comment! Too funny!

    Looks like a great birthday celebration! You'll win one of these days :)

    We're going to Vegas on Wednesday! I can't wait!

  4. lol at the matching bows :) Happy Birthday to hubs!!

  5. LOL!!! I was laughing at matching bows too, HA!! Love the bump "twins!"

  6. Good grief Peg, you are looking AMAZING! Such a beautiful family, you guys all look so very happy. :) Glad you had a good time, happy birthday to your other half! <3

  7. Happy Birthday to your husband!!! Your cousin looks amazing for 39 weeks, and so do you! you are all belly! Looks like the fam had fun.

  8. Happy birthday to the hubby and you are so right that Vegas will happen again!! Love the pics of your bump and your SIL

  9. happy birthday to your hubs! had to lol at the j-bird photobomb!

  10. That’s great! It doesn’t matter that he didn’t win; what matters is you guys had fun on his special day. Though I hope you didn’t end up losing too much money. Haha! What about this year? Did you make another trip to the casino to celebrate his birthday?

    Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine