Monday, June 25, 2012

A trip to Philly

This past weekend we went to Philly to visit my friend Melissa. She always comes to visit us and we try to make it up there at least once or twice a year. We figured with the baby coming soon, we better make it up there (much easier to travel pregnant than with a newborn).

We got in on Friday night to get the most of the weekend. On Saturday we started with some fun time in the baby pool on Melissa's roof deck. Then we went outside and made lots of bubbles in the afternoon before we headed out for a walk in the city. We walked past the Magic Gardens and went for some philly cheesesteaks for dinner. On Sunday we spent more time in the baby pool then spent the afternoon at Melissa's parents before heading home. Fun times.

Filling up the baby pool
Letting the baby fill the pool himself, he was so proud
We got in the pool with T-man

Such a happy boy in the water

Splashing away with mama

We went outside and made some snake bubbles in the afternoon
 T-man loved following the bubbles around
In front of the Philadelphia Magic Gardens, very neat design
 We had some more pool time the next morning. My T-man is such a water baby
 The boys played a little bit of soccer at Melissa's parents house
How cute are these two? T-man's making an awesome face here :)
  I like this pic of us with Melissa's dad cleaning some fish, T-man was fascinated.
 and my favorite pic of the trip, me and my boy
We had so much fun visiting Melissa this weekend. I already look forward to the next trip. At least we get to see Melissa way before then, she is coming down next month for T-man's birthday.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I always passed the Magic Gardens but never new what it was called.

  2. That bubble machine is awesome! No wonder T-man liked it so much! I'm grown and I'm fascinated just looking at it!!

  3. sounds like a great how little man loves the water!