Monday, March 6, 2017

HJ was here and other fun things

My friend HJ came to town last month and we got to hang out with her and her new baby boy. HJ's son was born 6 weeks before Emilia. I enjoyed being pregnant with HJ and we shared so many experiences during this pregnancy. It was HJ's first baby and my fourth but we loved being pregnant at the same time.

She moved away after she got married so we don't get to see them often anymore. Every time they are in town, we sure make the best of the visit.

How adorable are these two
Love this shot I took of HJ taking a picture of the duo :)
The mamas holding their babies, don't you just love our matching bows
Emilia was so cute that she kept getting passed around. I really love this picture of baby girl and her dad
While HJ was there, we enjoyed a nice dinner
Love my little girly girl :).
HJ got to play with Emilia for a bit. Emilia was totally hamming it up for the camera.
The boys were there too doing their own thing and totally not interested in playing with us
We got some group pictures of course
Just so you know, baby girl never wears the bows too long, I just keep them for pics
I just love this picture of my mom and baby girl, look at their matching smiles
We got matching accessories because that's how I roll :), We wore our stuff on Valentine's day of course
The kids chilling and watching "Paw Patrol". I just loved how peaceful they were :)
I just love this picture of baby girl using her granddad to pull up to a stand
Isn't baby girl just the cutest, look at her standing there like a big girl and looking super cute
It was so much fun seeing my friend HJ and her adorable son. It is always so nice when friends are in town. I look forward to seeing them when they come to visit over the Summer. Visitors are really awesome and I am so glad we get to enjoy them often.

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  1. I think the smile E has in the picture with your mom is just the cutest! I love the one of the kids all together watching TV.
    I love when friends come to town. Fun!