Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lunch with Santa

Merry Christmas, hope you had a great time celebrating with your families. We had a ball over here and are still recovering from all the festivities. I always wanted to take my kids to a lunch with Santa type event but I never thought that they were ready. Well this year was the perfect year for sure because both Tman and Jbird were ready to meet good old St Nick up close and personal.

I searched high and low for a place with a lunch rather than a breakfast. When you have to get 4 little one ready for any event, a 9am start is no bueno. We found the perfect place that had a 1pm slot for lunch with Santa and we were sold. I am so glad we did it because my big boys were in heaven when Santa came to say hi at our table

Check out my big boys and my niece, totally smitten with Santa :). My mom and baby girl were there too
Eating lunch with the crew. Poor Bean was asleep the entire time and only woke up when we were getting ready to leave
When we found the place, we told J who decided to join us for some fun with Santa. J chilling with my baby girl
This was such a sweet moment, too bad the camera is blurry. J's daughter meeting baby girl up close and personal
We tried to take a picture with our kids and chaos ensued of course

I love this picture of baby girl with my mom even though it's kind of blurry
My family at lunch. My brothers joined us for lunch, I just love that we get to hang out often
After an hour or so, Santa came to our table to meet the kids. They were so excited that they didn't know what to do with themselves
My niece was super brave and just started talking to him like they were BFFs
How sweet is this
Baby girl got to say hi too
I tried taking a picture of the kids with Santa

After lunch, we took a picture of part of our crew with Santa and the Grinch
Lunch with Santa was such a great success. I am so happy that we were able to squeeze a visit before the holidays. The phone picture were all somewhat blurry, I wish I brought the good camera. Maybe next time. Have you done breakfast or lunch with Santa? did your kids love it as much as mine? We will definitely plan to do this every year from now on.

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  1. How fun! You can see how thrilled they were to meet Santa. This will def. be a fun tradition :) Glad that J and her girls were able to make it too!