Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hanging out with our baby girl - the first few weeks

It's been 3 weeks and 4 days since baby girl joined our family. What an amazing and exhausting 3 weeks and 4 days. We've spent our days catering to her every need and adjusting to this new life as a family of 6. 4 kids is a lot of kids you guys :), I was born for this challenge but dang it, right now we are really in the trenches.

We are using our good old divide and conquer technique to get us through the days. Hubby takes care of the boys while I cater to baby girl. Our days seem so long but having all these kids make it worth all the pain. Hubby is going back to work next week, those 4 weeks really flew by. He will be taking the big boys to Summer camp and daycare with him every morning so it will just be me, Bean and baby girl all day everyday.

We've had a ball introducing baby girl to our family and friends these past few weeks. I have also enjoyed dressing her up just for fun. She is so tiny and nothing really fits but I just couldn't help myself. It's going to be so much fun once she gets bigger and starts to fit in some of these clothes I have for her.

I present to you my new favorite pic of me and my princess wearing an awesome outfit from Ayobe Boutique. Thanks J for this great present
Hubby has also been enjoying some one on one time with his girl, there will be lots of daddy-daughter bonding in our future :)
When baby girl came home from the hospital, she brought the boys some gifts :). Let me tell you it was a hit, they welcomed her with open arms. Funny story, when my niece came over the next day, she wanted to play with the gifts and Tman told her to ask her parents for a baby sister because she will bring her gifts too (I died laughing).
We expected Tman to dote on baby girl but our big surprise was Jbird. He has been an absolute angel with his little sister giving her a gazillion kisses every day and always checking up on her.
This girl is so love I tell you
My aunt C came to visit

The boys are always super excited about getting close to baby girl
They want to touch her, kiss her and totally cater to her
Yeah it's kisses galore for this girl
Even Bean gets in on the action. We do have to teach them to be really soft :)
I love this picture of Bean and Tman with their granddad. Tman was loving the boppy :)
Check out Tman teaching his granddad how to play angry bird on the Ipad :)
I love this picture of Bean hanging out with his daddy
Since we spent most of the day inside, we had to find ways to keep the boys entertained when they were not doting on baby girl. There was a lot of TV watching and Ipad fun but whenever possible we also added other activities. Drawing became a fun activity

Check out Bean working on his painting
We had to separate Tman and Jbird because they were serious about their job vice Bean who was just playing around
I mean check out Tman's work of art :)
On Tman's birthday, I couldn't resist but putting Emilia in a nice outfit with a bow. It was definitely way too big but I loved how girly she looked. Our little doll looking absolutely perfect
I got a picture of my kids with their cousin, my niece finally has a friend :)
My aunt and cousin are visiting from Paris and they got to hang out with baby girl too
My mom and her sister with baby girl
My uncle came over to meet baby girl
My brother H and my niece hanging out with baby girl
family picture of course, we are all related :)
I absolutely love these two pictures of my mom and Emilia

Hanging out with my youngest babies, Bean loves to be super close all the time
A nice activity that has kept our boys a bit busy while we were tending to baby girl was the sprinkler. We would just turn the water on in front of the house and my boys would just run around getting wet :). Thank goodness they are easily entertained

I love these boys of mine
How sweet is my sister, she got this matching dress set for Emilia and I. She definitely knows what I like :). Can't wait to wear this with my mini next year
We celebrated my friend HJ's baptism for her son. We wanted to take the whole family but let me tell you how much chaos happened. We gave up and hubby stayed at home with Jbird and Emila while I took Tman and Bean with me. We clearly need to practice taking all the kids out a bit more :). Luckily my mom and cousin were able to come with me and help with the boys.
Our baby girl went from a sleepy little angel who slept all day and looked this amazing
To this perfect angel that is now wide awake. She is bald like her brothers were at this age and has beautiful brown eyes. I love starring at her all day long
Our baby girl is so alert and awake now. I am excited for when she starts to recognize us and actually know that she is looking at us. My heart is so full you guys, I absolutely love being her mommy.
We've had an amazing time hanging out with our baby girl these past few weeks. It was tough and demanding and tiring but we wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. We are not sleeping much in our house right now but we are soaking in every minute of this delicious newborn phase. Baby girl, welcome to our family, we are so happy that you are here.

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  1. Such a wonderful ride you are on! Your children are beautiful.