Sunday, April 10, 2016

A day out at the carnival

Last weekend we went took the boys to a local carnival. The weather has been warming up around here and we are finally getting out of that Winter rut. I hate going out when it's cold, I wish I lived somewhere warmer, I would be out everyday :). Anyway, we took advantage of the nice weather to take the boys out for some fun. Not having to wear jackets when we leave the house is definitely a plus when taking these rugrats out of the house.

As soon as we got there, I got a family picture of course :). I so love this crew of mine
Hubby took the big boys on most of the rides
The boys were so excited about all the rides
There were a few rides where no adult could go and I was proud of my Tman and Jbird for doing their thing
Check them out flying away over here
This ride was a hit so we came back to it a few more times
Bean and I just hung out on the sidelines cheering the big boys on.
My boys with their super big lollilop, love this so much
Me and my 3 sons, can't believe we are adding a daughter to this madness
After the rides we went for the games. Hubby found one that he liked that was all about smashing bottles. It was hilarious :)
He figured he should try a game that the boys could do too and found this game about putting a ring on a bottle
Tman was too busy with his lollilop to care but Jbird got really into it
Jbird was actually pretty good
Then Bean decided to join in on the action
Hubby helped him throw a few and totally made his day :)
We managed to get another family picture on the way out :)
Carnival day was such a fun day. We were only out for a few hours but the boys are still raving about it today. We might have to take them again next weekend if the weather cooperates of course. Doing all the fun stuff we can while I still have the energy to go out with the crew. Have you been to a carnival lately? You should check them out, they are a lot of fun and the activities are really appropriate for young children.

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  1. Aww, this looks like so much fun. Oh the big lollipops. I've never been able to finish one.

    You look so good!

    Great pictures.