Saturday, November 7, 2015

Weekend fun - Trick or Treating

Last weekend was Halloween and let me tell you my boys had the best time. We were busy as usual but you know we wouldn't have it any other way. We went to Tyler's soccer game on Saturday morning as usual. My brother J came this time to cheer on his nephew. Though Tyler did not perform, we enjoyed hanging out with uncle J.

J and Jbird chilling on the side lines. How cute are these two, seriously

After soccer, we went home for nap and chilling before heading out to trick or treat. We went with my grandma and hubby's mom who was excited for her first true Halloween she actually took part in. She didn't dress up but I think I might be able to convince her next year ;). Hubby also did not dress up with us, I guess he could only take it once.

Before we started, we let the boys run around in preparation for all the walking to come :)
Our family ready to go on our hunt. Tman had a meltdown before we started that's why he didnt' want to be in our picture.
The first house was excited to see us in costume so we took a picture with them :). I just love everything about the idea of getting dressed up. Don't mind Tman
Tman and Jbird were just ecstatic to ring door bells and say "trick or treat"
We had a ball going from house to house and stacking up on sweets
Grandma with all the grandchildren
Tman was so sweet and gave grandma a kiss to thank her for a great Halloween
On Sunday, we visited my friend B and her new baby boy. Their baby was born last month and we've been dying to meet him. He was just the calmest most adorable baby.

The proud new parents, they were smiling from ear to ear the entire visit
My mom and grandma came with me and Bean while hubby stayed at home with the big boys. We didn't want to overwhelm them with our chaos at least not this early ;).
My grandma is always ecstatic about new babies
Love this picture so much, Bean looks so happy
What an awesome packed weekend we had. The boys loved everything about trick or treating so much so that Tman asked me if we could do it again the next weekend :). Poor kid, he now has to wait a whole year for the excitement. At least he is getting excited. What did you guys do for fun Halloween weekend? Hope it was a good time all around.


  1. Oh how fun! I love love love your costume! Wicked cool.

  2. Bean is getting so big so quickly, he's almost as tall as jbird. Love the matching costumes!

  3. I love your matching costumes! You guys looked great! And a brand new baby is always so sweet!!

  4. Those costumes are the best! Looks like a great time was had by all.