Sunday, May 3, 2015

We are back from Cancun

We are back from Cancun, YAY. What an amazing vacation we had. It was so much fun. Everyone had such a great time. Tman enjoyed every minute of this vacation, he was so aware of what was going on. Jbird was a big baby but that's no different than when we are at home. He had a few meltdowns but overall he did amazing. Bean was just the most adorable baby, eating everything and anything under the sun and smiling away all the time. I am so glad my mom came along, I am never going on vacation with the kids without her :).

My brother and my niece were supposed to join us but they couldn't make it at the last minute so my friend A and her daughter joined us instead. They were awesome travel partners. We spent our days chilling in the water and just hanging out. It was one of the best vacations we've ever had with kids.

This photo of Tman diving in the pool pretty much sums up our wonderful vacation :)
Our crew the first day we got to Cancun. 4 adults and 4 kids 4 and under. We had a 4-year old, a 3-year old, a 2-year old and a 1 year old.
We took a stroll around the resort every night before and after dinner
 I just love this pic of hubby and Tman
We took group pictures in our favorite spot in the lobby area every time we were dressed up :)

We spent hours everyday in the pool and the boys loved that

We got our nails done what up. Life is good
Hanging out in the infinity pool
Tman was a jumper with a smile all the time
Bean smiling away with hubby in the infinity pool
Jbird became a jumper too :)
Tman got so comfortable in the water that we removed the floaters and set him free
We got so many amazing underwater pictures of everyone. Tman was the champion at this game, started with his eyes closed and no smile ended with a big smile and eyes wide open
Jbird did some diving too but he wasn't as comfortable
Then we got Tman and Jbird to dive together, hilarious
Then we convinced grandma to join in on the fun, she played along so well
Then it was mommy's turn to do underwater selfies with her boys. I love these two pics so much. I laughed so hard when I realized that my makeup was still intact from the photoshoot we had earlier, MAC what up.

We took a stroll on the beach and I love this awesome TMZ style shot my mom captured of us
The resort was so beautiful and so was our crew
How handsome is hubby here with Tman and Bean, ok you don't have to answer that
We played ping pong in the pool, Tman and Jbird loved this game
We sipped on lots of fruity drinks and the big boys enjoyed that
Tman said a strawberry daiquiry was his favorite, this kid I tell you
My mom and Bean enjoying some breakfast
We got to enjoy some grown up time, hubby and I did a fish spa thing while my mom watched the boys. It was so weird but you gotta try something at least once
My mom and I did a chocolate wrap thing while hubby watched the boys, it was pretty awesome.
We even had a photoshoot on the beach because we could :)

We even got to enjoy a grown up dinner without the kids while my friend A watched all 4 kids, she is a brave soul
Photo time in our favorite spot
And before we left, we took one final group picture.
This was such a wonderful trip. We had the right amount of hanging out and rest time and truly the right amount of adult per kid. We hope to take an awesome vacation like this once a year with the whole family. Punta Cana, you are next :).


  1. I absolutely enjoyed "tagging" along virtually on your vacy. Looks like it was an absolute jam and im glad you all enjoyed it. The photo's are all amazing!

  2. What an awesome trip. Welcome back. Beautiful pictures!

  3. These are awesome. I was smiling at every picture. Those underwater shots are priceless! Glad you guys had fun!

  4. Ahh best selfies under the water ever!! It looks like such a good time!!

  5. What an amazing vacation. I love every one of your pictures... :)

  6. This looks so amazing. The kids look full of joy and excitement. Beautiful pics