Monday, January 5, 2015

How we spent the rest of 2014

Thank you all for all the well wishes for the new year. 2015 is here, a blank canvas for us to paint :). I am so excited for all the things that 2015 has in store for us, hopefully all great. I am especially looking forward to all the trips we have planned.

Anyway, let me recap the rest of 2014 so that we can close the door on that awesome year. The day after Christmas is a huge deal in England. They call it boxing day and it's a day full of soccer.  Hubby's parents had us over to watch the multitude of games. Hubby made me laugh so hard because he put all of our Arsenal shirts down and said today is my day to get us all in matching outfit :). I of course indulged, I will never say no to matching with my family.

We are team Arsenal, what what
 Hubby and his mom, I love this picture of them
The boys were in on the action too. They got to open more presents from grandma and grandad and they loved it.
 The house bustling with love and laughter. I so love the holidays
 We got some awesome gifts too
 I know right :), everyone loves to see us in matching outfits
 Attempting a family picture, total fail but I love this bunch :)
 We played cards too and it was so much fun
While the kids were napping, hubby and I had fun on the couch taking pictures :). Really I was taking pictures while hubby was trying to watch the game.
After hanging out with my favorite crew, I went to dinner with the girls. My friend C was visiting from Indiana with her family so it was nice to get away just us girls and catch up on life without the kids.
We hung out with C a few more times before she left. It was so much fun to catch up with her and her brood. While we were hanging out one of the days, Bean started chewing on a chicken bone like he was a professional. That's my boy
On the last visit, we managed to get a picture with all of our 6 kids. C and I have been having babies a few months apart since 2010. It was not an easy feat getting 6 kids 4 and under to perform for the camera  but I must say we were successful :).
I don't want to let go of Christmas even though it's behind us. Me and my Bean hanging out at hubby's parents before the tree went down this past weekend. I guess there's always next year for more Christmas stuff.
New Year's eve was spent at our house hanging out with our family. It was actually nice not having to go out and try to hang out with a bunch of stranger. We sat in our sweats at home had a great dinner then played some card games until it was time for champagne :)
 Aunt K and Bean
 Grandma and Jbird
Ready to pop the champagne and ring in the new year :).
We spent the rest of the first days of 2015 just chilling and relaxing and it felt good. We needed to get caught up on sleep and relaxation.

Check out Jbird chilling over here while we were at hubby's parents house
Tman sat with me while the other two were roaming around (kinda). I love that you can see all the kids in this picture (sorta).
We had such an awesome time celebrating the last days of 2014. So long 2014, you were really good to us, you were the year that we welcomed our 3rd son and for that we will forever be grateful. 2015, we welcome you with open arms and are looking forward to all the blessings you have in store for us.


  1. Awwww man 2014 was a beautiful year for you. Cheers to making more beautiful memories for 2015. My hubby supports Arsenal as well.

  2. We are Chelsea supporters. You guys should consider a change soon ;).
    Always looks like you guys are constantly having fun. I will pack my bags and move in, at this rate. Jokes aside, y'all are a fantastic family, and are truly blessed. I always look forward to your posts.

  3. I think it is impossible to leave your blog without a smile on my face :) I just love your family!

  4. I am with Faith. I do smile after reading your blog posts. What an awesome way to celebrate with family. You really are blessed!

    Happy New Year Peg!