Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hodge podge

I love pictures, like you didn't know. My favorite projects around our house are usually related to adding pictures of our children to our space. I have visions of what I want to do and I just love when they come together.

One of our walls in the living room holds pictures of Tman and Jbird around the same age (5 months or so) wearing a red shirt. I have decided that I will keep up that tradition and take such a picture for all of our children. Well, I just completed that picture for Bean and I must say I am super pleased with how it turned out. I've ordered them on canvas to update our wall and I can't wait to see them up.

I present to you my 3 sons and their red shirt. They truly have the same cheeks, eyes, chin dimple, and nose. They are clearly related :).
I love this picture of my Bean goofing off during the photoshoot. Can you see his 2 teeth showing there. He is one adorable and handsome boy, I know, I am clearly biased.
There is another photo of the boys in black and white in their diaper that I absolutely love. I got a similar pose with Bean and I am in love.
I can't wait for him to join his brothers above the door to the office
Another finished (somewhat) project are the pictures above our bed. We went with pictures of us with the kids with the kid being the main focus of the picture. I also added one of my favorite pics from our trip to Jamaica last year. I am so happy with the final result. I cant' wait to add a picture of each of us with Bean. We are waiting until he is at least 1 to take the picture like we did with his brothers.
This note from Jbird's teacher totally made my day. He's been crying non stop for the past 3 weeks since he started daycare, refusing to eat or sleep. I was worried but I think we finally turned a corner. The future is bright, Jbird is adjusting nicely to our new routine.
I found these gems at the store the other day and got so excited. I know it's a ploy to get us to buy coke product but it's definitely working on me :). I love that my kids have easy names that you can find on coke bottles. It's the little things in life
On Saturday, hubby was nice enough to watch all three kids so that I could get my hair and nails done. I was desperate for both. I almost always get red or french but this time I decided to go bold and try a different color. I love it. My family on the other hand not really impressed except for Tman who always smiles on demand now :). I love my Tman
Hubby is so done with pictures, he married the wrong woman. Hiding behind Bean and giving me the side eye. His question was "what are you taking a picture of?" My response "don't worry about it, just smile." hehehehehehe.
This is how I get things done when Jbrid only wants me to hold him. Thank goodness for that Ergo baby carrier, it's awesome. I am so glad that I got one because I am surely getting my money's worth
Speaking of Jbird, he is a happy camper when I hold him. I asked him to show me how happy he was to be in mommy's arms and this is what I got. I love my Jbird
My mom with all her grandchildren
My grandma is back, YAY. She spent the last 2 months away and we are so glad to finally have her back
Grilling this weekend was awesome. Look at those delicious steaks. Jbird and hubby were hanging out while he was grilling. That was the only way to get him off me so that I could hang out with Bean
Big boy Tman was just chilling with the Ipad of course and flashing a smile on demand. When did this kid get so big
In between grilling, hubby got to hang out with my mom
Look who was there too, my adorable niece who is turning one next month. Is that insane or what. I just love that her mom always has her in the cutest outfit and always with a bow. She is saving all those for me just in case I get to have a little girl one day ;). My niece and her mommy
Me and my beanie man smiling away. My baby is 6 months you guys, I can't even get over that
Jbird got a bit jealous and wanted me to pick him up too. My two babies, I guess they are only 18 months apart and that's totally expected
I gave Bean to my mom and kept Jbird. It's nice to always have an extra set of hands. I also love that Bean doesn't care who is holding him. I love my Bean
Oh and guess who is ready for football season, we are. I found these at Target and I was giddy with excitement. You know how much I love to put my family in matching outfits. The best part is that this is one matching that hubby approved. Go Redskins, hail :).
That truly was a hodge podge of things that happened this past week. We were busy during the week but enjoyed a pretty relaxing weekend. Tomorrow we are off to Sesame place, eeeeek. I can't wait, I mean the boys can't wait :).


  1. I loved reading this post and it's so good to know that Jbird is adjusting better to school. You have the best ideas, too. I wish I had thought to do some of the things that you're doing when my daughters were little. I've said it before and I'll say it again... you are such a great mom... :D

    1. Dee - thank you so much for your sweet comment. I stole those ideas from someone else. Things are much easier in this era with the internet and such.

  2. It's amazing how much your 3 boys look alike and they look like a perfect combination of you and your hubby. I just love reading about you and your sweet family--so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Mrs. K. my kids truly are a great combination of us.

  3. Jbird has the same name as my little brother :) I'm glad he turned a corner at daycare, it's hard knowing they're having a rough time away from you. Now you can have some peace of mind.

    also the boys eyes stand out so much - they all have those same striking eyes!