Saturday, March 8, 2014

And then we were five

Our 3rd boy is here and our life has been hectic and busy and amazing all at the same time. We've survived the first week as a family of five. God is good. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and well wishes.

Before making his appearance, our little Bean gave us 2 more false alarms . It was weird, I would have contractions they would get really close, sometimes painful, then they would slow back down. I was sure it was happening and would go to the hospital only for nothing to happen. It was nerve wrecking for days. I guess like my Dr said, every pregnancy is different. Bean definitely made his mark with this false labor business :). Way to be different my son.

Finally on 28 February, the contractions were painful and close I just knew it had to be it. We went to the hospital again and then they slowed down. I was so bummed because at that point we were 5 days past our due date and I just wanted to get this baby out. We went to our appointment and when the Dr told me that I was 5cm and would be having a baby that day we were in heaven.

We checked in the hospital around 9am and he was here at 12:54pm. I was able to get my epidural and enjoy a few hours with my hubby while we waited for our 3rd son. He arrived safely into our arms after only a few pushes. I swear, I have been blessed with fairly easy and fast deliveries and I thank God everyday for that blessing.

The last belly picture with baby #3 at 40 weeks and 5 days
 Getting ready to welcome our 3rd son into the world :)

 He is here, YAY, we did it again for the third time
 Love at first sight, thank you Lord for this new blessing
 Hanging out with daddy for the first time
Skin to skin with my baby, we gotta keep these Winter babies warm somehow. Complete happiness, no where else I would rather be. Wish I could bottle this feeling.
 My grandma came to see the baby
 My mommy and her 3rd grandson
 Our sweet new angel, I am already so in love this boy of mine
 Hubby's parents were there too

 The boys came to the hospital to meet their new brother
 Our failed attempt at a family pic, it's about to be hectic up in here :)
 Look at all that hair on my baby
Going home with my son
 Us with our 3rd baby before we left the hospital
We are so happy that our boy arrived safely into our arms. Meeting our 3rd son was just as amazing as meeting our other babies. I just love that no matter how many times we go through this baby making business, each time feels so special. Welcome to the world Bean, we are so happy to have you here with us, you are the perfect addition to our family.


  1. Pure Perfection. How Precious! I love Grandad's look at Lil Bean...Fav Pic.

  2. Simply Beautiful! You look amazing even after child birth, God is good indeed. One week down and many more beautiful weeks ahead.

  3. This post makes me oh so happy! He is so beautiful! And you my friend look incredible! Can't wait for more updates!

  4. LOVE ALL THE PICS!! Your family is so beautiful girl, I NEVER get tired of reading your posts! So happy for you guys!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. What great pics! Your little boy is absolutely beautiful. Congrats, congrats, congrats!

  6. Congrats on the new baby and the easy delivery!!

  7. Hi baby!!! We are so happy you are here happy and safe! Congrats to you Peg! Big Hugs!!

  8. he is so cute. you are looking wonderful. such a beautiful family

  9. are just glowing!! Love all the family love! Hey Nathan!!

  10. So excited and happy for you guys! :) xo

  11. Peg!!! Sorry I've been so silent... I'm still learning to be amazing mom like you! Congrats on your lil bean! He's absolutely handsome! You don't mess around with making those cute cheeks either!! Nathan is one lucky guy to be a part of such a lovely family! Now I need to go catch up for the last two months! (hangs head in shame...)