Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Big boys bedroom

We have been co-sleeping with Tman since he was about 4 months. It's what worked for us in the beginning but by the time Jbird arrived I was done co-sleeping but couldn't get this baby out of our bed. We tried everything and I mean everything but ultimately for our sanity Tman would always end up in our bed.

We were smarter with Jbird or I should say luckier, he never wanted to sleep in our bed. YAY. He has been the best sleeper you guys. This kid has been sleeping in his own bed in his own room since he was 6 months old.

So our plan is to put both boys in the same room and get them to sleep together. I am hoping Tman, who doesn't want to sleep alone, will be happy to have a friend and hopefully will sleep in the room. I am praying that Jbird continues to sleep, we'll see what happens. We have not been lucky so far, the boys only slept in their room one night so far and it was a total disaster. Here is to hoping.

I present to you the boys new bedroom
I loved these car beds because they could accommodate a crib mattress and a twin mattress. Since Jbird is still so little, I made his bed a toddler bed and used the crib mattress. Given the shape of the bed, it gives him built -in railing. Score. Tman who is completely into Thomas requested the sheets and blanket and I was happy to indulge.

Jbird's bed with his bookcase set up :)
 Tman is my big boy so we gave him the twin mattress. Tman's bed with his bookcase :)
We opened the room to the boys on Christmas day and they were so happy. Tman was really excited about the bed and told me he needed a book to read
 Jbird can easily get in and out of his bed, YAY
 My boys hanging out in their new room on Christmas morning

Tman is such a smart boy I tell you, reading in bed
 Jbird also wanted to have his book and lay in his bed and read

 Both boys in their room with their daddy
I still have to put some art on the walls but I am very happy with how well the boys room is coming together. I am now hoping that they actually want to sleep in this room and not our bed (at least for Tman). Big boys room almost complete, this makes me so happy. I will keep you updated on how things go with this, I am sure it will be a work in progress.


  1. What an adorable room with adorable beds! Don't worry, Tman will come to love it in due time. He just has to get used to the new environment :)

  2. That is so cute!! My nephew has one of those and he loves it.

  3. Oh how cute is this!!! Love the beds! I seriously will have the kids share a room for as long as possible if they are the same gender.

    How did Tman do last night? Hopefully, better.

  4. This is cute. I love the fact that Tman now wants his books and stays in his bed. Lovely

  5. awww, the boys get their own room complete with car beds! Hopefully having Tman and Jbird in the same room will allow you to get your own bed back...eventually!

  6. Awww very nice!!! really cute beds!!

  7. So cute! Love their beds so much! What a great boys room! Hope you're having better luck with them sleeping in their rooms.

  8. Oh my gosh! Those car beds are the cutest!! What a fun big boy room for those cuties!

  9. Ahhhh I love them!!! I can't wait to get little man a bed just like that. I want to sleep in there!! The boys are going to have so much fun!!

  10. How adorable! You'll have to give a status update on how they're doing...say a month out? Boys and their cars and trains! hehe